In December 2015 we conducted a detailed research project with our parents through RSAcademics. The strong relationships that exist between parents and staff at Queen's meant that we felt that we already had a good idea of what our parents think we do well and where we could improve. This research was conducted to ensure that our view was accurate, giving parents a chance to comment more freely to a third party. 

The results were excellent and broadly what we expected to hear. 


Senior School 

  • 98% of respondents said they were satisfied with the school, 91% very or completely satisfied.
  • 96% said they would recommend the school to friends
  • 93% said their daughters were happy at school with 82% 'very happy'

These results were above average and in some cases more than double the benchmark figure obtained through research with 53 comparator schools.

Comments from parents included:

'The induction process was very good, socially very positive. It was seamless.'

'An academic school but also a very caring school.'

'I would say excellent. It has high academic standards, is caring and has outstandingly brilliant staff.'

'It's a lovely, small, welcoming family school.'

'I think it is outstanding for working parents. It completely gets it, that both parents generally work. The after school care is great.'

'We chose the school because it is strong academically but offers lots of extracurricular stuff too.'

'I was reluctant about Queen's because I wanted co-ed. She had that option but the longer she is at Queen's and the more I know the school the more I think that being at a single-sex school is so important- their emphasis is on sending out strong individual women.'

'The quality of teaching is excellent and outstanding in many cases. If you're brilliant you are stretched - they never let them rest on their laurels and if you are in the bottom set teaching is again outstanding. But I measure a school by what they do with the middle and they have a way of keeping my daughter going even when she's wanted to give up.'

'Fantastic, excellent. The choice of activities is really good but there is only so much she can do time-wise.'

'They are very keen to assist with girls with dyslexia and they also recognise the gifted and take them as far as they can go.'

'The girls know what is right and wrong and this is instilled in them from an early age. If there are any friendship conflicts they are handled well.'

'I am happy that she is fully stretched and working to the right ability.'


Lower School

  • 100% said their daughter was happy at school, with 86% very happy
  • 95%  said they would recommend Queen’s Lower School to their friends
  • 96% said they were satisfied with what the school was doing, with 86% very or completely satisfied.

These results were above average, in some cases by nearly double the benchmark figure obtained through research with 53 comparator schools with whom RSAcademics have worked.
Comments from parents included:
“The kind of school every child should get the opportunity to go to, but sadly don’t.”

“Very positive, teachers are very accessible.”

“We hadn’t been looking for a girls’ school, but the school was right.”

“Absolutely excellent and balanced across the curriculum in terms of interests. Balance between play and learning.”

“We’re very impressed. Very noticeable that she is already a year ahead of her old classmates. The pace of progress is very impressive.”

“Communication is exceptional. I don’t think they could do much more. We are kept up to date on a weekly basis.”

“I’m impressed by the attention – if you have concerns, they are attended to quickly.”

“We’re happy with the curriculum information; there are changes in the way they report things, but they are good changes.”